Harbour Town Lighthouse LevelsFrom my proud perch of being one of the only female lighthouse keepers in North America, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Harbour Town Lighthouse!

Just over four decades old, the red-and-white-striped Harbour Town Lighthouse serves not only as a beacon to the many ships that reside in our Yacht Basin but also as a landmark that has come to symbolize Hilton Head Island to people all over the world. With the addition of the Lighthouse Legends Tour in 2001, we were able to transform this icon into an informative, educational, and fun experience for all!

In addition to the historica lighthouse tour, we proudly offer one of the most unique gift shops on Hilton Head Island, featuring one the largest collections about lighthouses in America. Not only are we a beacon for travelers, we are also a beacon for charity! In order to thank the community that has supported us for so long, we annually donate a portion of all admission fees to various local charities – past few years we donated over $62,000.

We are so pleased that you chose to make us a part of your trip to Harbour Town! Make sure to let your friends and family know they can share in your Lighthouse Legends Tour experience by checking our Lighthouse WebCam.

Happy Climbing!
Nadia Wagner

Lighthouse Keeper

Admission is $4.00 per person and children 5 and under are FREE.
The Lighthouse Staff would like to thank the following parties for allowing us to use their images for our Historical Lighthouse Legends Tour: Coastal Discovery Museum, Hack Family, Boston Visitor and Convention Bureau, IWL Photography, Island Packet, Western Reserve Historical Society, Earnest Ferbuson, The Propst Family

Climb through time. Explore the Island’s rich history and get the inside story on the creation of the Lighthouse.

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