Between the Landmarks

Between the Landmarks

Dozens of weddings, hundreds of engagements, and no telling how many first kisses were inspired by the view from here at the Harbour Town Lighthouse. Even, we are told, a great many business ventures resulted from folks taking the 114 steps to our observation deck, catching the view – or being captured by it – and deciding, “Why not?”

In between these landmarks of life, we wonder how many other quieter turning points people have experienced, in response to the inspiration folks so often feel here. Sunset or high noon, winter or summer, it tends to change your point of view in a way that sticks with you, even after you return to solid ground.

A Meaningful Measurement

We learned in the spring of 2022 that the brightness of our beacon, the light from the lighthouse, is measured in candle power. The intensity was multiplied many-fold then, when we installed our authentic Fresnel lens, the crowning achievement of many years’ dreams and the product of a partnership with the Sea Pines Resort.

The design of our Fresnel lens dates back to the time of Napoleon when the hazards of navigation demanded a way to cast the beacon from a lighthouse farther and stronger. It was so important that a reward was offered for any design that could achieve that goal of multiplying the power of a lighthouse. Augustin-Jean Fresnel won that bounty for his design, and a couple of centuries later our own lens bears his name.

A Simple Symbol

Candle power reminds us of those changes that people by the thousands have felt after their visit to the Harbour Town Lighthouse. In between the life-changing decisions – and instead of them, in most instances – how many people went home from here with a better point of view? The idea that the blast of light from a lighthouse beacon could still be measured by something as modest as candle power makes a great symbol. Our own outlook might not seem so influential, but it all adds up.

If every fine feeling, every bright idea, every insight inspired by the view from the lighthouse were a single candle, then altogether wouldn’t they cast a light that is as powerful as it is lovely? Those inspirations arise not from the light that the lighthouse puts out, but from the light that people let in when they catch the view from here.

Feeling more peaceful, more energized, more joyful, or more considerate, every day we see folks take home something good after their visit to the lighthouse. The expression on a face might be one sign, or the gentle tone of voice that a mother takes with her children, or more often just a feeling that might be hard to describe, the changes take place. Before and after, the lighthouse may not be the cause, but here we get to see the difference.

Come join us for a little while, and see for yourself. You are always welcome at the Harbour Town Lighthouse.