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Between the Landmarks

Feeling more peaceful, more energized, more joyful, or more considerate, every day we see folks [...]

On Reflection

The view from the top of the lighthouse gets a little different in wintertime. The [...]

How the Ball Drops Here

The holidays here at the Harbour Town Lighthouse are filled with events and activities. Here's [...]

Nov. 24 Book Signing with Ruth Ann Abrahamson

Local children’s book author, Ruth Ann Abrahamson, will be sharing a live story time and [...]

A Rare Kind of Grace

For more than a quarter century now, Nadia has been the heart and soul of [...]

Getting Our Arms Around It All

In so many ways, the lighthouse gives people a unique way of looking at things. [...]

Never the Same

For some of the guests we have welcomed to the lighthouse, the change they experienced [...]

Even Beyond the View

For the fortunate guests who’ve journeyed up the 114 steps to the top of the [...]