Nov. 24 Book Signing with Ruth Ann Abrahamson

Local children’s book author, Ruth Ann Abrahamson, will be sharing a live story time and book signing of her third title “The Key,” at 1 p.m. Friday, November 24, at the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

Ruth Ann’s passion for writing began as a small child, yet it wasn’t until much later in life that she officially penned out and published the first in her children’s chapter book series titled, “The Adventures of Magic Cookie Bean.” In this first story, we are introduced to “Magic,” a precocious calico kitty whose mission is to share fruits of the spirit – love, kindness, trust, and forgiveness – throughout the world. The elements of this first story lead to the opportunity for adventure in the second title, “Paris and the Purple Purse,” when Magic and her best pal, Pumpkin, travel to Paris. Their adventure in Paris culminates on the top of Mount Blanc, and the two return to the states with a tiny stow-away aboard, Isaac the Church Mouse. In this third title, “The Key,” we learn why Isaac has been called to such a faraway island as Hilton Head and why such a small creature, whose experience in getting through tiny places and doing God’s work, has been given a VERY big job.

Although classified as a children’s book series, these stories are entertaining and appropriate for folks of all ages!

Ruth Ann and her husband first visited Hilton Head Island in 1989 on their honeymoon. They both fell in love with the island and have since made Hilton Head a second home where they enjoy everything about our wonderful island.