The Neighbors Park Yachts

Known as the founder of Sea Pines, Charles Fraser might also be called the father of the Harbour Town Yacht Basin, too, here at the foot of the lighthouse. Maybe the idea just came with the inspiration. You see, Charles’s study of places where people enjoy themselves led to Portofino, on the Italian Riviera. When it was time to consider how to make it possible for a lot of people to enjoy our Hilton Head Island waterfront without seeming crowded at all, the tall, thin, multi-colored domiciles Charles saw embracing the harbor of Portofino prompted his answer. The miracle of the Harbour Town Yacht Basin is the result.

What’s so miraculous? Well, consider that from the lighthouse, we can see that 40 yards from some of the world’s most luxurious pleasure boats there’s a playground where families from Ohio watch their children grow strong and optimistic from the fun of it all. And not once have we heard one of the people who arrive on those yachts, people who could go anywhere in the world, complain. The folks who run the lighthouse have also managed the Slip Owners Regime since 1989, so if there was a problem, we would have known. Now that’s a miracle.

For Each and for All

Here at the Harbour Town Lighthouse, we are blessed with a bird’s-eye view of all that made Hilton Head America’s favorite vacation island. From this unique vantage point, we can say that here people find what they like in a pretty pure form. The thing is, so many people find such a wide variety of interests and passions here. To golfers, it’s their own island. To art lovers, it’s a place that inspires works worth taking home. To naturalists and historians, our Forest Preserve offers 600 acres of unspoiled beauty and evidence of pre-historic enjoyment. For foodies – Hilton Head Island is just heaven.

Now, to be this good at fulfilling fantasies, most places end up specialized. Not so with the land below the lighthouse. Here the pleasure includes you. And no matter what interests you brought here, you’ll find them fulfilled. You may even come away with a new enthusiasm or two.

The Grace of Gratitude

What makes our Harbour Town Yacht Basin so receptive of so many? We think that the lessons people encounter in getting here leave them grateful for what they find here. We’ve noticed that no one has more of “the common touch” than the couple who step off their yacht in cutoffs and sandals, a golf shirt on him, a Hawaiian shirt on her. In less than three paces, they’re just part of the scene. There’s a major point of agreement among the people here in the community that embraces the Harbour Town Lighthouse: This is paradise, and we’re going to do what we can to share what we found here.

Come join us!