Unforgettable Hilton Head Wedding Packages

Unforgettable Hilton Head Wedding Packages

As they plan their wedding, couples know instinctively that they themselves will remember that day forever. Much of the planning then – particularly with the increasing prominence of destination weddings – is about creating a day that will be equally unforgettable for their family, friends, and guests. Just as Hilton Head Island has been named America’s favorite, year after year, the prominence of Hilton Head wedding packages continues to grow while still holding securely to our island’s sense of the distinctive, the unexpected, the pleasurable, and meaningful.

Yet, of all the abundant possibilities that the idea of Hilton Head wedding packages presents from the start, as brides and planners explore them, the challenge of choosing the approach that best suits the couple can actually become more and more difficult. It is well established that there is a paradox in choice – the greater the number of options, the more difficult the decision.

We can help. As the landmark among all the Hilton Head wedding packages, the Harbour Town Lighthouse has, not surprisingly perhaps, the best overview.

Sorting Out the Wonder

The amazement and the sense of wonder that comes when people explore the sea islands and the Carolina Lowcountry is a good place to start when you’re weighing the prospect of Hilton Head wedding packages. From this treasured coast, you can count on offering your wedding party and guests some moments of amazement, no matter how well-traveled they might be.

As you consider Hilton Head wedding packages, consider the vast beauty our island’s birds have to offer. Any time your wedding guests spend outdoors is likely to present the nearly startling appearance of sea birds whose very design is a testament to the brilliant imagination of nature.

And not just sea birds, either. There’s an American bald eagle in residence near one of the bridges that leads to Hilton Head Island. Our snow-white egrets and herons are among the most majestic birds of the Island – and the least likely to be confused with anything your guests might have seen at home. At least five kinds of owl can testify to the wisdom of being married here. Woodpeckers are attracted to this place, not surprisingly, considering the abundance of stately trees – and three of four of the varieties are red-heads. Gulls roam the beaches and sanderlings scamper there across the sand. If birds were a barometer of how heavenly an environment can be, then the birds of Hilton Head Island are giving strong testimony.

The Setting Itself

Hilton Head wedding packages include settings surrounded by civilization, such as the patios of resort hotels; and spots embraced by nature – in most seasons, beach walkers and runners here see wedding sites being set up in the sand with our coastal waters as their backdrop. What, perhaps, we lack are structures that lend their own sense of history, such as cathedrals or a grand library and museum buildings.

The Harbour Town Lighthouse presents an opportunity that brings all the advantages of this setting together to create a most idyllic Hilton Head wedding package. Itself a structure of significance, the centerpiece of the Sea Pines founder’s vision of a world-class resort, alongside an eminent yacht basin, whose elevation offers vistas unattainable anywhere else.

The Things Your Guests Enjoy

One motive that inspires brides and planners to seek out destinations is to engage and interest their guest list. Part of an unforgettable wedding is their enjoyment. To see your friends and loved ones’ delight in the chance to indulge their own interests and passions is surely a part of the memory of a brilliant wedding.

Who could ask for more than we find here among even the best Hilton Head wedding packages? Golfers, tennis players, boaters, fishing enthusiasts, history nuts, culture vultures, and anybody who needs to spend some time on a world-class beach all get what they want, need, and seek here on America’s favorite island.

The Harbour Town Lighthouse is a bit like the center-pole of a tent that was built to cover all these sources of enjoyment. From here we can see – and walk to – some of the finest examples in the world of all these popular pastimes.

The legendry Harbour Town Golf Links’ 18th green is practically at the foot of the lighthouse. The Sea Pines Racquet Club is a mile down Lighthouse Road, and the marina alongside the Lighthouse offers everything from children’s cruises to dolphin-watching to deep-sea fishing charters. The shopping and dining and diversions of a resort inspired by Portofino on the Italian Riviera surround the lighthouse right here in Harbour Town.

The people who operate these opportunities to delight your guests are not just our neighbors; they are our friends, too. Oh, and one more, too. The much sought-after club room and veranda of the Harbour Town Yacht Club is practically next door, and our association with them is very close indeed. So, imagine how easy it is to make your arrangements when you start with the Harbour Town lighthouse!

For Hilton Head Wedding Packages, Timing is Everything

Of all the natural blessings that we find in our sub-tropical climate, one that might be less visible is the gift of time – or more precisely, timing. Your choice of timing is one advantage you can look forward to with Hilton Head wedding packages. It’s obvious that few – if any – of our days are too cold. And compared with other beach and ocean scenes, few of our days are too hot. Your opportunity to have the weather of your choice on the date of your choice is broader here than most anywhere.

Our temperatures rarely go below 420, and 890 is a typical high. People often remark that a “bad” winter day here is 550 with a golf jacket. Fully one-third of the year is considered “perfect” for Hilton Head wedding packages – April-May and September-October – with the ever-popular June offering an experience that anywhere else would be considered mid-summer. The whole year here is a distinct possibility with your choice being more like a palette of paints, awaiting your choice, than any sort of restriction.

Whether you approach planning your wedding systematically, or by inspiration, the Harbour Town Lighthouse should surely be on your list for consideration. Consider all the advantages of fulfilling every Hilton Head Island dream – and still going one step further – to give your loved ones an experience they will never find anywhere else.