Harbour Town Lighthouse & Museum Blog
Witness to Thrills and Victories

Last month’s Heritage Classic served, as always, to remind us of so much that we [...]

Why Not Stay Awhile

Springtime reminds us of all the things that people love to do here. It invites [...]

A Perfect Getaway

Whether we are at your doorstep or a day’s drive away, your welcome at the [...]

Happy Accidents

It is a story we have heard and then heard denied. You might call it [...]

An Inspired New Year

The sight of the lighthouse has proven to fill people with new perspectives and to [...]

Gleaming and Sparkling

The sparkling season of the holidays shines in a special way here at the Harbour [...]

Taking Time for Thanks

During this Thanksgiving season, it occurs to us that people – our visitors, neighbors, colleagues, [...]

Birthplace of an Artist

As a magnet for extraordinary people, the Harbour Town Lighthouse stands tall. One example comes [...]

From Our Eye in the Sky

Our Fresnel lens causes us to think how many people have seen things differently, after [...]

What it Takes to Reach the Top

For Emily Blumette and Wesley René, there were plenty of steps to take before the [...]