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Gleaming and Sparkling

The sparkling season of the holidays shines in a special way here at the Harbour [...]

Taking Time for Thanks

During this Thanksgiving season, it occurs to us that people – our visitors, neighbors, colleagues, [...]

Birthplace of an Artist

As a magnet for extraordinary people, the Harbour Town Lighthouse stands tall. One example comes [...]

From Our Eye in the Sky

Our Fresnel lens causes us to think how many people have seen things differently, after [...]

Peak Experiences

Sometime in the next week or so, we are likely to welcome the peak number [...]

Four More Guests

When Lighthouse Keeper Nadia Wagner welcomed the cast and crew of the Today Show to [...]

Places in the Heart

As striking as the appearance of the Harbour Town Lighthouse might be, more remarkable still [...]

Island Icon Adds a Crowning Achievement

The fabled story of the Harbour Town Lighthouse added a chapter once again on March [...]

A Walk Through Time

A visit through the lighthouse has become an interesting and informative climb through the history [...]

Bringing an Icon to Life

A couple of weeks ago we were reminded that our everyday workplace, the Harbour Town [...]